Results, Finals!!

There aren't as many votes as I would like to be... but anyways, we can't really extend this anymore, right?

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And that's it for now ^^ I'll post the banners this week, and then I'll put the comm on hiatus, until Caspian is around the corner, thank you all for participating :)

Extension for Finals

We only have one vote in the finals, so I'll extend it until next saturday (4th)
Please vote HERE And please, if you could ask some people to vote, it would be very helpful ^^ I'm going away this week and will return until next saturday, you have one week to vote, please do so!

Then, I think we'll go on hiatus, until Will gets into the media focus again (now, you all, including me, seems to be uninterested on him, and it's tobe expected :S)

That's all, thank you ^^