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William Moseley Last Icon Maker Standing

William Moseley Last Icon Maker Standing
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the community ;

Welcome to moseley_lims, which stands for William Moseley Last Icon-Maker Standing. Yes this is an icon challenge featuring the ever so talented William Moseley. All you have to do is sign up, we will provode you with a photo of William, you enter with an icon. Voting will then take place, and the least popular will be knocked out of the competition. This will happen until there is only one peron left, leaving them to be the Last Icon-Maker Standing.

the rules ;

If you're going to participate in this community, you're going to have to follow some rules:

01. Sign-up before the contest date APRIL 30TH[the date may change though] If you miss the deadline for the sign-up date you will have to wait until the next challenge starts to participate. You may however stick around and vote, voting is just as important as submitting icons. =)

02. Challenges will begin on said date, and you will have two weeks to enter your icon. Voting will then take place for three days (72 hours). You must participate in each round until you are voted off or you will be disqualified.

03. Vote for your least favorite icon and give a specfic reason such as: 'bad choice of text' or 'icon is over sharpened'.(Giving a reason is important!) The number of people voted off each round will depend on how many people we have participating in the challenges.

04. You can use anything to beautify your icon, such as text and brushes. Just please don't blend the pictures we provide.

05. Don't post your entries anywhere else until the voting process is complete.

06. If you can not handle rejection, please don't sign up. This contest is for fun and we expect our competitors to be mature abut the contest win or lose. Good luck and most importantly have fun! =)

07. When signing up please put in these magic words: "tea?" somewhere in your comment, so I know you have read the rules.

submitting your icon ;

When you submit your icon you will submit it to the challenge post and that post only. Comments will be screened there of course and you'll have up until the deadline to change you icon as you wish. You will also submit it like so:


outline of when the challenges will be posted etc ;

The challenges will last two weeks this time, because there were conflicts with schedules. So this is (hopefully) how it will go:
  • On Friday challenges will be posted; you will have two weeks from said Friday to submit your icon.

  • On Saturday following the deadline date, voting will be posted. Voting will be up for 3 days

  • On Tuesday voting results will be posted. This is when you may ask for your comments and banners will be posted soon after.

  • On Friday, the process starts all over again.

the inspiration ;

Last icon maker standing communities are everywhere; I know we all know this. I have seen my share of good ones and I hope this community is right up there with them. The reasoning for this community is simple: I have fallen in love with William Moseley. Ok we all know it's not "love, love" but I do adore him, he's talented and gorgeous. What more could you ask for? This challenge is a serious one and I hope we all see it as that. But most of all it is a chance to improve our skills, and above all a chance for fun. I hope you have a fun time, making icons out of an actor I’m sure you all adore as much as I do.

the affiliates ;
promote ;

promote us, and we will promote you! Or just out of the kindness of your hearts add these yummy little promotion banners to your user info. =)

credits ;

Stylesheet by refuted
killjoy_jane site header, & banner over communtity info.

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